Event Information

 LOCATION: 530 Guelph Street, Georgetown, Ontario L0P 1K0


Compete with your club as a group on various challenges for trophies. Club that wins the most trophies also wins the “King of Clubs” Trophy.


Not part of a club? No worries!! We want to see your beautiful ride at the show! Trophies to be won for all individual competitors.





Event Timeline:

10:00 AM – Sponsors come in to set up their respective areas.

11:00 AM – Gates open for competitors to come and stage their cars (club areas). Payment will happen at the gate if you have not pre-registered. A blank form will be given to you that you will fill out and take to the competitors registration tent after you have parked your car.

12:00 – Food Truck and Ice Cream Truck on Site Open to Sell Lunch. Club and back patio also open.

12:00 – Audio and Exhaust Competition Judging – All registered members taking part in this event please make sure you are at your cars.

1:00 PM – Burnout Competition  All people registered for the burnout competition must have a wrist band. Drivers with a wrist band are not allowed to be served alcohol until after the burnout competition is complete.

2:00 PM – Bikini Model Contest All models welcome to attend and compete in the bikini contest. Over 15 models in attendance. Winners will be chosen by the general public’s cheers. $500 grand prize.

3:00 PM – Limbo Contest All people registered in taking part in the limbo contest would bring their cars in a row at the front stage for the competition.

4:00 PM – Best of Show&Shine Judging All registrants make sure to be at your cars for the Show&Shine judging. Clearly keep your filled out form on the dash of your car.

5:00 PM – Trophy Awards – Trophies, Awards, and Trip to Vegas announced.


Event Description:

2015 will be our first ever Car Club Competition in Ontario. The concept resides in club teams signing up for the Show&Shine Competition. The minimum amount of people in a team (club) is six cars. There is no limit on the amount of members that can register.

For people that are not associated with a club, we have added a Show&Shine Individual competition with lots of trophies to be won.

Throughout the day, challenges will be held in different categories such as largest Horsepower on the dyno, lowest car to go under the Limbo Stick. The competitions are meant to be competitive and fun for everyone that attends. Overall, unlike most Show&Shine Events which don’t have many activities, Street Kings will be packed with these competitions which will make for a very entertaining day.

The aspiration is to encourage people to come together under one team name and compete against other teams in a  friendly competition for trophies, awards, and prizes. This ultimately will bring a wide array of car classes and people together.

The club the wins the most categories/trophies, will be awarded the King of Clubs trophy at the end of the day. The event starts at 11:00am, with registrants coming in to set up at 10:00am. The event ends at 5:00pm with the awards ceremony.

At the back of the venue will be our Bud Light VIP area for our sponsors, and lucky prize winners that can win access to the tent via the raffle being held throughout the day. People that enter the VIP tent must be of legal drinking age. We are working with the local authorities who support this event. We want to make sure this is a safe and enjoyable day for everyone.

The stage at the front of the venue will host the car club challenges, and hand out the trophies and prizes and the bikini Contest. Back of area will also have a volleyball tournament.


What Defines a “Club”:

You do not necessarily need to be in an established club to participate. If you have over six friends that wish to come together and compete, then they can do so. Make a club name, and have everyone register under that name.

People that want to participate on their own can enter the Individual Show&Shine Competition for trophies.


Sponsor Tents:

Sponsors will mostly be stationed at the front of the venue. Sponsors will benefit from gaining exposure to Toronto’s largest car clubs, and diverse automotive enthusiasts that will come to participate and spectate. Each sponsor is allotted their own area, where they can set up their tent, sell merchandise, and showcase their cars. Sponsor logos will be included in our marketing campaign and Street Kings apparel sold at the event. If you are a company that wishes to take part in the event, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The Organizers:

The organizers behind this event are professionals that have experience in running club events and sanctioned events within Ontario. The event will be hosted at Nashville North, just 10mins north from Winston Churchill and the 401. The venue can fit over 500 cars in the main area where all clubs will setup tent for the day. The venue will also have various food trucks for everyone to enjoy. Staff and security will be on hand to control people coming in and out of the venue, and to ensure everyone is participating in a friendly and cooperative manner.



To participate in the event, you can pre-register by clicking on the “Register Now” tab at the top right menu bar of this website. The cost to register is $20 per car. You must enter your club name, and ensure all your club members enter the same name so you are grouped together. You need at least 6 club members to participate.

With the $20 registration, your car is entered into all the trophy competitions, and you will get 2 raffle tickets for various prizes including access to the Bud Light VIP tent, and a grand prize trip to Vegas.



All spectators are welcome to the event. The cost of entry is only $10 which provides full access to the entire venue. Guest parking is provided across the street in a secure parking lot.